In the end of November, Aida Garifullina made her first appearance in Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro in Vienna. We would like to remind you that it was Susanna’s role that was the start of the singer’s career in the Mariinsky Theatre in 2013. Aida played the role that she had already known in Wiener Staatsoper.

«We need to mention the duet of countess with her “assistant” Susanna performed by Aida Garifullina who made the first and triumphant appearance as Susanna in Vienna. She perfectly created the image of the vigorous girl, and even a complicated aria called Come, my dear friend sounded beautiful. There are just few steps to ideal, and she will definitely reach it at coming performances».
Elena Habermann, Online Merker

«Amazing Figaro’s bride! Aida Garifullina, a singer of Wiener Staatsoper, is a real Susanna who came from the play. Her charming and vivid soprano can embed all nuances of the party: it is always sufficiently skillful and delicate, tender and languishing, strict and demanding. She provides more powerful influence on the audience even than her mistress, the countess».
Die Presse, 30.11.2015